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CEU Sport Investment is one of global leaders in rental and sale led screens for sport events, concerts, etc. They offer complete digital solutions for: Football, Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Hokey, Handball, Basketball, Golf, Athletics, Water polo. Every solution offered take into account the specifics of each sport. Over time they have developed software solutions for any type of sporting event.

With open research center in Shenzhen – China, they develop solutions that meet the demands of broadcast media..

CEU Sport Investment due to production and professional logistics facilities, spread across multiple continent, can handle any type of sporting competition in the world with events held simultaneously on the same day in many countries. Equipment quantity may increase depending on the event from 32 sqm to thousands of meters.

According to our historical knowledge and experience we decided to establish a new sport marketing and LED technology company in UK. The owners of CE SPORT AVENUE Ltd. has been achieved high performance and good results in the marketing planning of companies, sport enterprises and sport clubs to build up high level operation in their business communication, marketing, PR and in the branding to reach their goals. They organized a lot of sport tournaments in football, in handball and in basketball. They have a joint venture company with Techfront (LED and stadium IT technology company: www.techfront.in) to ensure the LED, mobile application and WI-FI solutions to their partners.

Our strategic products will be the following:

  • Sport events organization;
  • PR consultancy;
  • Marketing guidance, special type of sport marketing;
  • Creative products (in connection with marketing, PR leaflets, brochures, etc.);
  • Conception development;
  • Advertisement services;
  • Marketing planning;
  • Visual technology – LED solutions;
  • IT solutions.

According to our professionalism, many years experience we are able to say about us to serve the marketing, tournament organization and PR activity of many Hungarian top teams. You can always fall back on our expertise in the cases of any corporate/sport events, organizing your PR appearances. We are able to organize Champions League matches too (handball, football, basketball, water-polo, etc.). We work on the background (PR, marketing, LED technology, etc.) of many sport matches week by week. Let there be a word even from task in safety technology, even catering services our highly expertised colleges can do their tasks well.

Ivett Gabriella Kozma CEO / Founder

is an expert in sales and in finance too. She worked several banks here in Hungary, like Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest Bank (GE Bank), CIB (Intesa SanPaolo member). She is a corporate banking expert, her main experiences are in structured finance, credit analysis, credit risk management and in scorecard machines. She is an economist, she were in a lot of banking courses (Euromoney, DC Gardner, etc.). She has an experience in sport too, she was a swimmer and she has been working in sport at MKB-MVM Veszprém (the best handball company in Hungary) for several years

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Current position

Our Company, CE SPORT AVENUE LTD: is a brand new one, but the general manager and the owners have a lot of experiences in sport marketing and in the LED technology.

Our strengths are the experiment in the sport and the LED technology what we have. We have very good relationship with a lot of sport teams. Our weaknesses are that we are a new company in the UK and we have to learn how the sport marketing works in UK.

In the first year we have to concentrate organizing handball tournaments for top Hungarian handball teams and ensuring the sponsors and the LED equipments in these tournaments. In the second year we want to expand our organization activity to the football and basketball. Later we try to take out some business in the WI-FI and mobile application business.



The CE Sport Avenue offers a unique and innovative public relations service to the sports industry. Established in 2007, the London based company evolved through the integration of it’s co-founders. With a combined twenty years experience within the sports PR industry they believe that today’s top sports men and women live in the glare of the media more than ever before, making a professional, comprehensive and strategic media management service increasingly important.

The Artists Avenue Agency exists to protect and build the reputation of sports men and women and maximise their image potential, leaving the athletes themselves to focus on excelling at their sport.

  • Pro-active and reactive PR services
  • Targeted publicity - working with the client to deliver PR strategies to increase media coverage.
  • Crisis management - if a client has a problem we can help manage the situation with regards to the media.
  • Organizing sport events .
  • Advice on all aspects of PR and media.
  • Profile building and image protection
  • Liaison with sponsors – setting up photo shoots and photo approval. Managing press days with the client.
  • Assistance in seeking sponsorship deals.
  • Media training for clients who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with interviews and the media process.
  • Trustworthy in client confidentiality.

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  • United Kingdom

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